MedexOne Global Sdn. Bhd. is a solution driven technology services Provider Company which focuses on Healthcare Industry. The thrust of the business is primarily on automating primary clinics and mid-size medical centers. Automating the clinics is a vital need for the healthcare industry wherein any medical record or paper trial starts from the first contact of the patient towards the health system which is usually the clinic and is considered the first touch point.
The products which we deal with are clinic management solutions, hospital information systems and revenue cycle management. These are front office solutions which automate the business processes within the clinic practice and medical centers and achieving a financial closed loop with the payors. We try to make these practices as paperless as possible, to streamline the physical documentation, and make the processes more efficient and safe, which eventually bring financial and clinical value to the practices.
These solutions also aid in patient safety by having electronic prescriptions which alert the clinicians on possible allergies, wrong / duplicate medications etc. The applications streamline pharmacy stock inventory and make the procurement more efficient. There are also a multitude of executive or management reports which are churned out by the applications to assist the managers to streamline finances, procurement etc.